Brave Enough To Fail

by More Than Life

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released September 9, 2008



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More Than Life UK

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Track Name: Faceless Name
Nothing but a name on a grave is what we will be
as death is only a step away,
turning cold with yesterday
Blister blue, with frozen knuckles
still reaching out for an answer
but I tell myself I'm nothing (everyday)
I'll never change a thing
Is this just growing up? I'm so confused.
Lost without hope, no direction no excuse
I'll never gain ground with one foot in my grave
live for today, hope for tomorrow (they say)
Save myself from broken dreams,
save myself from sleepless screams
This is reality, this is my legacy,
my heart has already died,
I'm nothing but a faceless name.
A fucking faceless name
Track Name: In Hindsight
What can you do when all you touch turns to dust and all your shadows last through dark?
I'll say it now you haven't looked happy in a while those hollow eyes are staring back at me
Those times of hate and disappointment made my life feel less bright
My fucking failure didn't solve a thing
The sinner is a stolen heart that's been washed away with our years
The saddest songs, I'm feeling blue, wind swept smiles, I'm still missing you
The sort of days you wish you were even more alone
It's hard to find hope when science has killed God
It's hard to feel when you're in love with love itself
It's hard to cope when someone else cries for you
It's hard to want the truth when it's what we all ask for
Track Name: Never Ender
How many times have you closed your eyes
and listened to the rain beating on your window?
Fell into a deep sleep and never wanted to wake up to reality,
with a blank expression on every face
My angst ripped through the pages where I fell asleep
with a half empty pen by my side
Insecurities are hidden with the comforting words "I love you"
meaningless as the next "fuck you"
A broken staircase never seemed so inviting,
wherever I'm going I know I'm going down
It's still raining out, and the drains are almost full
It's a reminder of all those times I wish we stayed behind locked doors
Dead space is eating me alive from the inside out, leaving a gut sinking feeling
Will I ever make this on my own?
Track Name: Brave Enough To Fail
Sometimes desperation can make you crazy
In fucked up times like this, hope hangs by a thread
Fixated eyes through black out windows, I see a reflection of myself in you
We both know we were once the same. You gripped my hand as we passed the railway
Nothing but a thin grey haze on the road ahead, nothing but a fucked up mind
We have made this choice
Brave enough to fail
Track Name: Fear
Letting go of my love with a strangers breath against my skin
I left my heart 200 miles away, I never had it back
It all fell apart and the blood ran cold through these dead veins
Standing by your side without saying a word. I was breathless
Nothing left to believe in. Your worn face and hands tell the stories of solitude
Endless friday nights and fucking fear
Finally breaking our silence, only to find out the harsh reality
That catches up on me, on these winter nights that came to soon (too fucking soon)
I'm only 19 years old but theres so much pain in here
Fuck this pain!
So look past my skin, look past these scars, look past the glimmer of hope in my eyes
If I'm honest to myself it feels like you're only haunting me