Love Let Me Go

by More Than Life

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released April 4, 2010



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More Than Life UK

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Track Name: Scarlet Skyline
It's getting colder outside,
Lets step out of the rain black clouds still circle the sky,
The gods have felt our pain ash entered the lungs of those,
Who chose to live no more
Why she never spoke a word I will never know,
She put flowers by her door
The blackest eyes I've seen in shadows
Those eyes have seen the worse to come in a world
With no beauty and no love
To share she knew the storms,
We're coming all along killing something beautiful
The broken red bricks turned to blood, running down the walls.
Her loved ones burst into flames
And I wish I could join them to.
Fading away with the scarlet skyline,
Pray for the sun to set earlier every fucking day rotting away,
The price of love we pay
I put the last red rose on her grave
Track Name: Curtains Closing
Never been sure of what life was made of
I don't want to live without knowing an end
And sometimes I wonder, have you ever screamed my name in the middle of the night
It becomes an everyday swore, it's never healing
The sun hasn't shined for years in this life
So we force ourselves sick to just self destruct
Digging deeper into the ground, alone.
I closed my eyes
Close the curtains. Lock the doors.
Voices I tried to ignore
I tried. I failed. I hated. I have died
And I wonder, have you ever screamed my name in the middle of the night
Track Name: The First Night Of Autumn
The first night of autumn came too soon,
I could see my breath disappear into the cold black sky,
Your hair danced in the wind as I held you close,
A tear ran down my cheek and hit the floor,
You whispered I'll see you soon but we both knew it wasn't true.
I never thought I'd let it come to this,
Shivering in the city streets,
Still breathless and still broken
The red lights dimmed out
The heavens opened on the dead drive
Home with your lie running through my mind.
Your voice drowning out with the rain on the window,
So easily we can fall.
My eyes so close and glued to the fucking headlights,
With each flash of light I tear myself apart.
I watched the leaves fade from green to black and die, around my feet.
I couldn't kiss you one last time
Without letting you know you'll always be mine.
Track Name: Take My Life Away
Four years from now I'll have my say.
I'll think back to these sleepless nights.
Where we grew so close and wished our lives away
Sang songs of death together, kissing in the twilight
When you whispered something I wish you never said
Into winter our faces faded,
My knuckles cracked in the cold but I didn't mind
I was nearly home, and I stayed by your side
Never wanted to think about our future, I've had doubtful eyes
I can't erase the reality I watched you walk away from me.
I watched you walk away
Breathe in those memories,
Drown out those tears
Scream away those years.
I was never good enough to take your breath away
I was never good enough for you.
Guide your hand and take my life away
Track Name: Black Eyed
Blue eyes seem so far away,
When I'm black eyed every single day.
Your touch was never near,
Those days I always feared.
Track Name: Silent Grey
It's not reassuring falling asleep with so much on your mind
And waking up with nothing but loneliness
It's getting harder to recognise my own face
When it changes everyday, greyer than the last
Hands in pockets, dead moonlit streets
Salt stained eyes, alone times I hate
Head in hands once again
Summer came and so did we
I don't think we were ever meant to be
It's never been a part of my life
Especially yours
My sky came crashing down when you said goodbye
The skies turned grey for the world to fear
This room has never been so silent since we both shed our skin
A ripped out page that no one read
With all the words I wish I said
Blinded by the traffic that passes me by
In the darkest nights you caught my eye
Tonight I scream for violence, for you
Track Name: I've Lost Track Of Everything
I can't fucking help it,
My bones are shaking under my skin,
My mind so heavy and out so empty,
I've lost track of everything.
Is this what I always wanted,
I'd wake up scared and shiver back to sleep
On the long walks home I would ask myself,
Why are we so alone,
Chasing each others shadows in the dark.
Get me the fuck out of here alive.
And all the answers I can not take,
And the questions make less sense every fucking day
I've waited long enough for the end.
I've seen snakes with pretty faces and bloodshot eyes.
Nothing will drag me deeper
Than hearing your voice from across a dim lit room
Nothing will bring me back to life,
The reapers grip so tight
I'm scared I let those years go to waist,
So long ago the last time I saw your face
As the train pulled away,
I saw you smile and wave.
I dipped my head and focused
On the features of your face
As the hours passed,
I wish I never made it home without you
I've lost track of everything,
This life has lost all meaning
It's too late. There's no time for goodbyes,
My youth has given up on me, I'm dying inside,
Is this all I know, this deathbed is my home
Take my life away
Track Name: Daisy Hill
Why do I lie to myself and still pretend
I don't remember every second of every hour that we ever spent together,
your blood red cheeks in the cold (I beg you) follow me home,
there's no cars on the drive, all the house lights are out.
I know it's been a while since I got your train
but it's been longer since you got mine and I never said a thing.
Daisy hill so easily you always get to me, I can hardly breathe.
At the end of the street I swear I saw myself walk in front of the road
and with a flash of light I was gone, I was fucking gone.
In my dreams why is your house number upside down,
why do floorboards creek so loud as if death was chasing me,
since the day I was born death's been chasing me back home.
And when my time comes at the end of the road
I'll be waiting here, set me free.
No longer my home. No longer shelter.
The clouds will cover me wherever I may be.
Trapped in a dying world, the winters last too long.
The winters last forever.
Why do I lie to myself and still pretend
I don't remember every month of every year that we ever spent together.
Your blood red cheeks in the cold follow me home.
Daisy hill so easily you always get to me. I can hardly breath.
Track Name: Obsession
"Love is passion, obsession,
Something you can't live without,
There's no sense living your life without this,
To make the journey and not fall deeply in love,
No you haven't lived a life at all.
But you have to try,
Because if you haven't tried you haven't lived."
Track Name: Love Let Me Go
Breathe in and cut shorter, don't let your heart sink lower
I know we had differences but this love will last a lifetime
If we put our heads together and trace back this history
It won't take long to realise how much you mean to me
Old photographs still stuck to the door, smoke stained teeth and damp cold floors
The first time your kiss seemed softer, that one time when your heart broke harder
It's this love we never had, sometimes I think that I'm glad this hate
I miss being by your side, I need a place to hide
I've tried to forget your name
But every night seems the same
Disintegration will follow
I've never felt a pain in life so hollow
I've given up
I'm letting go
I'm so scared, of what will follow
I've never felt a pain in life so hollow
Letting go of everything i used to know
Love let me go